Taib the target before, Najib the target today

Clare Rewcastle Brown is having great fun with selectively publicising stolen documents on her blog portal Sarawak Report.  She has been careful to tell MalaysiaKini that , “…I had neither forged nor hacked to get this material…”.  We are glad she made this clear.  That Clare didn’t forge or hack in this case is reassuring, though it doesn’t mean that the documents weren’t stolen.  They and clearly were, as the PetroSaudi complaint to the British Police makes clear.

timthumbWhat is particularly ironic is that Clare Rewcastle has something of a history in this regard.  She complained when HER documents were hacked and publicised a few years ago.   She spoke against how the hackers went on to “…maliciously distort our emails and Skype messages, which are now being selectively published”.   So we can also feel safe in knowing that Rewcastle is neither distorting nor selectively publishing her own stolen material.

And why was that hack so important today?  Because it exposed her relationship and dealings with the forger, Cullen Johnson, currently in a Federal jail in the USA, when they were working together to try to get him hired by Shahnaz Abdul Majid, who needed to attack her ex husband, Sarawak Governor Abdul Taib Mahmud’s son, Mahmud Abu Bekir.  Canadian Cullen Johnson was duly hired by the lawyers, and his forged report of extraordinary wealth and bank accounts was duly promoted in court by Shahnaz. She tells the judge that her former husband has 111 off shore accounts stacked in Colossal wealth.

Clare Rewcastle, amazed by the revelations, beamed the news round the world, while her associate in Switzerland Bruno Manser Fund, arranged for an MP to articulate the massive off shore wealth in the Swiss Parliament, triggering further false headlines.  After an exhaustive investigation, the government of Switzerland announced in 2013 that the allegations were false.  Well of course they were.  They were a forgery, something that Rewcastle is now amazed about. The plaintiff’s lawyers in Mahmud Abu Bekir’s Syariah court case have managed to do the damage with these allegations, but ensured that their client Shahnaz never had to be cross examined on them. Somewhat sluggishly, three years on, the Taib family is bringing a conspiracy case together.

It is an interesting pattern.  Massive “revelations” passed through Clare Rewcastle, which when duly ranted about by opposition politicians, trigger serious government investigations.  Taib the target before, Najib the target today.  Once the damage is done, the facts that finally emerge won’t really matter, will they?  It is helpful that Ms Rewcastle Brown is able to clarify this time that she didn’t forge or hack.  Nice to get that out of the way.

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