BFM 89.9 caught lying, says Lukman Sheriff Alias (UPDATED)


NST reports producers of Business FM show BFM Kupas and its presenter Aisyah Tajuddin will be probed for blasphemy following the station’s posting of a video that questioned the implementation of the controversial ‘Hudud’ laws in Kelantan.

Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said those behind the video would be called up to be investigated under section 298 of the penal code after receiving at least five reports after the video was published.He said those who filed the reports felt that their religious beliefs had been mocked.

“We have decided to call up the producers of the show and the presenter because the station had explained that Aisyah was merely reading a prepared script after making an apology for the video.

“The video had also hurt the feelings of (Muslim) followers who felt that their religion had been insulted,” he said after flagging off the Royal Malaysian Police Force’s Cycling marathon in the lead up to the 208th National Police Day celebrations at Dataran Putrajaya, Precinct 4, here, this morning.

The talk show format radio station drew flak from netizens on social networking websites recently, with some posting death and rape threats against Aisyah.

Khalid said the police were also tracking down the users who made the threats.

He also reminded broadcast stations to the more mindful in airing content that touched on sensitives issues such as religion.

Business radio station BFM has taken down a video clip about the Kelantan hudud law after its staff was threatened with death and rape over social media.  The BFM Projek Dialog BFMKupas video clip uploaded yesterday drew at least 6,000 views and hundreds of comments about host Aisyah Tajuddin’s remarks.

“We wish to state that Aisyah Tajuddin is merely a stand-in cast member of the video and is not its regular presenter. She is not the author of the script and so the views of the video are not a reflection of her personal stance on the issue,” it said.



Here BFM is caught lying, says lawyer Lukman Sheriff Alias. They now admit that everything is scripted and not the views of those in the video. If not for this admission would they have told us? No. They set out to fool the public using Malays to misrepresent the actual views. Do you think for a second they intended to tell the public that the views of those in the video are concocted and propagandish? Absolutely no.


This is how the AM media works. Frequently misrepresenting the actual position in particular on Islam. They have misrepresented and even caught fabricating stories on positions of religious authorities. And many gullible Malaysians believe their stories as the truth. This is the reason why we have become very segregated and partisan.

We must stop these lies, said Lukman.

In an FB response to Lukman, Fairuz Zana said, “Opposing view and insult are two totally different thing. Please learn to differentiate. BFM is not just opposing hudud, they want to mock it, belittling it and insulting it as much thru some naive Muslim girl. Yes, some might over react, but don’t forget the real issue and damages done by this video.”

Ahmad Nizam Radzi added, “I can accept opposing views but I cannot and will never tolerate humiliation & mockery by design. That girl, a prof’s daughter I was told, is so ignorant that I feel sorry for her.

Zulkarnaim Md Eusope said, “Why the girl is ignorant? Why she agreed in first place to act in the video? Is she really that naive? As a father I understand his feelings but why can’t the father apologise to all the muslim in this country instead of condemning? If her daughter did not act in the video, we also didn’t know who is she…and why blame other people for your own mistakes?….pelik……. Finally what are the BFM motives?

Other comments include one from Surola Mali, “Yes, why should the father who is said to be a DAP supporter not be condemned as well? I understand he is a Professor at UiTM where he could be the harbinger of this breed of anti-government and anti-Islamic young upstarts among the Malays. Remember the dimwit Diana? Is there any sense of decency and gratitude in these NEP products of ‘Malay’ people anymore? I just came across one Malay in RPK’s blog today who was so kurang ajar towards us who stand up for Malay rights and Islamic values.

But Shahroul Shaaeri added, “They made that video intentionally to provoke, and were hoping for reactions like how we have reacted; making the video viral, issuing threats etc. We have fallen into their trap. We should have ignored it. It’ll fade away very very quick.


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