Southern Indian Ocean theory on MH370 ‘fabricated’

Southern Indian Ocean theory on MH370 ‘fabricated’

| March 25, 2015

Expert claims that the theory lacks “corroborative evidence”.

australian andre2KUALA LUMPUR: Military aviation technology expert, Andre Milne, has written to the Australian government to debunk its theory that missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is lying in the southern Indian Ocean.

In a letter exclusively obtained by IBTimes UK addressed to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop and Defence Minister David Johnston, Milne alleged the country’s claims that MH370 crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean were false and amounted to a “criminal act of fabrication of evidence”.

He outlined five highly technical facts, all based on a lack of corroborative evidence, that he alleged puts in doubt the current theory that the plane was in the Southern Indian Ocean.

In conclusion, his letter stated: “Failure to refute and disqualify my submission validates my allegation that your claim MH370 exited Malaysian airspace to crash in the Indian Ocean is not only an Artificial Incursion Theory but a criminal act of fabrication of evidence.”

Milne, on behalf of the victims’ families, is calling for additional answers by the Australian government to help fill in the gaps and prove its “seventh arc” theory that the Boeing 777, which had 239 passengers on board, is located in the Indian Ocean. He states the theory lacks “corroborative evidence”.

“The families will not have peace until they get to the truth about what really happened to MH370,” he said.

Milne has since complained to Interpol to investigate what he claims to be a “clear violation of the protocols of Chicago Convention Section 25 International Civil Aviation Organ (ICAO) of the United Nations”.

He wrote: “My investigative action suggests that a now documented pattern of corruption by unknown officials exists that is resulting in the premeditated fabrication of artificial claims and artificial evidence that is being facilitated in an effort to create a cover up and or a diversion from the factual truth related to MH370”.

“Primary motives for creating a cover up are a criminal act occurred during the flight and unfolded in such a way as to have negative impact upon the parties investigating and or associated with the investigative parties or an anomalous act occurred during the flight and unfolded in such a way as to be in conflict with legitimate issues of national security upon the parties investigating and or associated with the investigative parties.”

When asked where he thought MH370 was located, Milne replied: “It is premature and utterly irresponsible to talk about any theory without having any physical evidence.”

MH370 dubbed one of the biggest aviation mysteries of all time.

He criticised the authorities for discrediting the findings of highly-recognised scientific firm GeoResonance, which claimed the plane may have crashed in the Bay of Bengal.

The firm had identified an aircraft wreck via its satellites, 190km south of the Bangladesh coastline and called the Australian Transport and Safety Bureau (ATSB), “ignorant” and “slanderous” at the time for not exploring it.

GeoResonance also questioned why Australian over-the-horizon radar did not detect the Boeing 777, given the theory that it crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean, and criticised Inmarsat for releasing only the data that confirmed its “seventh arc” theory instead of publishing all of the raw data to explore alternative locations.

“If it comes out in public that the aircraft is where GeoResonance said it was then you can also add insurance fraud to all the other charges against the parties involved,” Milne said.

“If the plane went into the over-the-horizon radar we would know exactly where it hit the water. No doubt.”

The official 584-page report on March 8 pointed to only one failing that the battery of the aircraft’s underwater locator beacon had run out more than a year before and that there was no “unusual engine behaviour”.

Bill Sullivan, a spokesman for Rolls-Royce, said there was no other data transmitted from their engines after the ACARS (Aircraft and Communications Addressing and Reporting System) ceased transmission. “We concur with the findings of the report regarding our engines,” he said.

The last ACARS transmission was sent via the plane’s computers to computers on the ground at 1.07am but the expected 1.37am transmission was never sent.

No sign of the plane has ever been traced. It has been dubbed one of the biggest aviation mysteries of all time.



One thought on “Southern Indian Ocean theory on MH370 ‘fabricated’

  1. MH370 – THE TRUTH : FACTUAL INCIDENTS ABOUT MH370 OVERFLYING KERALA-INDIA – TRIPLE OBJECTIVES BEING transfer of secret Mearsk cargo to Diego Garcia Military Airfield&refueling in Maldives,Spiriting away of 20 Freescale Electronic Warfare experts & primarily a 9/11 type plot to crash our area – MH370 CURRENTLY BEING HOLED UP IN SRILANKAN AIRFORCE BUNKER

    Searching for MH370 would reprove the slightly embellished old saying that ‘Facts are indeed stranger than fiction’ as also ‘Truth is always bitter’ as the following real life incidents reveal.Finding MH370 and rescuing its passengers is only possible by taking into account the following factual incidents of its landing.And ocean searches are futile when the overwhelming possibility of landing is ignored.

    That the triple objectives of MH370 hijack by rogue pilot was to transfer(such smuggling is routine and would have taken place even if the flight outcome was normal) anywhere between 2-20T of secret[{in this case believed to be contraband heroine smuggling by D-Company of Karachi also judging by the elation among the DComp-ISI-MSS module members here boasting that the entire world cannot find the MH370,esp kingpins Bombay Murali(Mumbai Murali),advs S Manoj of Prakkanam&Mathur Suresh of Pathanamthitta where the latter was arrested many years back on Feb5,2005(VIDE all press&media reports including Indian Express,The Hindu&Malayala Manorama etc dt 6/2/2005&later but again covered up by the predominantly rogue police&parties which are the worst in the world and under payroll of DComp etc modules due to gross&unchecked corruption. now seriously threatening social,national&international security as the MH370 episode shows)in a counterfeit currency case as well as increased threat perception also from extensive rogue sections here}Mounting threat levels here from the DComp+ modules&rogue sections(who are unto tracffcking to terrorism many of which has been foiled by my Intelligence&Crime stopper alerts,including a publicized threat by JEM with collaboration of the DComp+ module in the SABARIMALA temple bombing plot in Jan 2001 VIDE press report in The Hindu&Malayala Manorama),to murders for land grabbing to betting&blackmagic sacrifices etc)of police ever since I reported about MH370 OVERFLYING here,surely indicate that the entire hijack plot has been partly or fully plotted&financed by DComp-ISI-MSS combine on the heinous mission of dominating world by SUBVERTING other countries but fortunately has started backfirng upon themselves]Maersk cargo(about which neither Malaysian Airlines and govt nor Maersk would disclose)to rogue sections at Diego Garcia military Airfield and refuel at Maldives(despite credible sightings by many people in Maldives,govts are covering up and such a roundabout flight with deviations and detours can only be possible after refueling);spiritng away of 20 odd Freescale Electronic Warfare experts by the predominant rogue sections in Iran&China to learn exclusive patented EW tech(otherwise more suitable flights could have been used for the primary purpose);the primary purpose was for a 9/11 type crash over Prakkanam area of Cheneerkara Village in Pathanamthitta Dist of Kerala state in India.

    Where I was witness to the large and low flying around 2000-3000 metres altitude and very
    slow flying B777 just after 9am IST (GMT+5.30) on Sat March 8,2014 OVERFLYING directly overhead from North to South direction.Though some people including children in our area had looked in wonder at the large plane but nobody in their wildest of imagination could ever think it was MH370 assuming it to have crashed in the South China sea or hijacked into nearby areas.The Maldives sighting departing from NW to SE direction a little before 7am IST (6.15-6.30 Maldivian time GMT+5)mean MH370 had taken a detour along the Eastern coast(Tamil Nadu)of India to overfly our area from N to S.Which in itself is BREAKTHROUGH LOGIC given the close to ~2hour gap in timings of Maldives&Kerala sightings.The motive of the plot to crash here would be that I had become a hindrance to rogue sections predominanting nations in their aim to grab Global Supremacy by SUBVERTING other nations VIDE my forecast of Terrorism and Economic warfare(VIDE favourable reply No FMD.MSRG.839/02.09.010/2013-14 DT NOV 19,2013 from Reserve Bank of India to take corrective steps in countering predatory etc economic policies of rogue nations against which I had petitioned the PM of India)BOOMERANGING upon its originators viz Pakistan and China.

    The matter was reported by me to Media-MI the same day and NIA,Interpol and FBI later.On 26 March another identical B777(but without the reddish streaks of the earlier)was seen OVERFLYING our area in the southern sky from SE to NW direction at 10.30am which on tracking was found to be the Emirates EK651 Colombo-Dubai flight departing from Colombo at 10.05 then.This indeed made the cat come out of the bag since this flight at around 3000-4000 metres alt instead of its normal flight alt of (~10000 metres but this flight dropped/flew low by ~20000ft )35000 ft and slow too deviated more than 80kms south toward our area for what can be rightly inferred as a trial run.This again was reported by me to NCTC,Boeing,Freescale,CTBTO etc.

    Which also mean that out of the 5 airfields where the rogue MH370 pilot was training only two namely Male and Diego Garcia has been disclosed with 2 other in South India most probably being Coimbatore IAF (a possible touchdown is suspected for logistic support because of MH370 accurately flying directly overhead our house despite all signals&transponders being switched off and alternate GPS support of rogue nations too is expected)a hotbed of rogue activities&flights and abnormal fighter crashes due to sabotage by removing securing split pins as was found in AMBALA JAGUAR crash where another JAGUAR readied for flight(VIDE Warbirds of India-crash report archives)was also found with the crucial SPLIT PIN removed in May7, 2004(against which I had to complain to Indian PM&military earlier VIDE unfavourable reply No. Air HQ/S 20170/2/1/Al(S) DT 7/Dec/12 from Directorate of Intelligence-IAF)and most probably the 4th being our area and the 5th and final SRILANKAN one is of particular interest in being at the terminal end of the flight path plot will surely give lead as to where exactly MH370 now is that is secretly holed up in an SL AIRFORCE bunker.More the so since to carry out their failed third objective of crashing in our area MH370 needs to be parked in airfields in neighbouring countries or in India itself near to our area close to the southern tip of India and not far away in Africa or Australia.MORE SUSPICIOUS IS THE MYSTERY WHY SRILANKA ALONE WAS EXCLUDED FROM THE SEARCH TEAM EFFORTS SINCE SEARCH IN AND AROUND SL WOULD HAVE REVEALED MH370 ITSELF.AS ALSO THE 9.15 PING LOCATIONS ARE BEING WITHHELD TO SHIELD SRILANKA AND MH370 OVERFLIGHT OVER MALDIVES AND INDIA. The real life incidents though unbelievable are true to its fullest extent and and is a definitive lead.Though I had informed the authorities from Media-MI,NIA to NCTC upto PM as well and very recently JACC&AFSB-Australian search team but for obvious reasons of powerful rogue sections in many countries from Malayala,China,Russia,Pakistan,India,SRILANKA,Maldives,USA involved in the matter,there is a grand cover up at national and international levels.I cannot afford not to complain and take up the matter since myself being the primary target and so with the plane stashed away in neighbouring countries poses immense and imminent danger.And only due to the Divine Grace of Lord Vishnu and the protection of our Family-clan deity Durga Devi temple and Prakkanam Bhadrakali temple that fortunately nothing happened with the plane and passengers intact and an emergency and forceful search team will be able to find the plane and rescue the passengers&crew.So international cooperation and coordination is imperative for which tactful handling is required so as not to hurt national sensibilities even as the extensive and well entrenched rogue sections are isolated and exposed.That a far more sophisticated operation than 9/11 was carried out can be understood with rogue section in different countries helping and it is not a delinquent pilot out of his mind flying away with a plane

    With no nearby airports and our area being neither civil nor military flight corridor there is no reason for the B777 MH370 to overly our area and that too directly overhead other than to crashland here.

    A day after the killing of Pakistan Taliban chief-Mehsud by American drone attack,on Fri 1/11/2013 a rogue fighter jet most probably on tracking&unmistakably was a SUKHOI fighter jet from THANJAVUR AIRFORCE STATION which overflew here from NEE to SWW direction with great speed but malicious intent just after 3am but due to Divine Grace they could not attack because to tell the truth they are afraid of my downing their jet by my Yogic or Meditation power.Nevertheless I cannot afford not to complain since the risks increase manifold during wartime but both Pakistan and China really fear fighting India since they are still overawed by the Indian victory in 1971 divesting East Pakistan(now Bangladesh)from West Pakistan(now only Pakistan)and hence their mean&cowardly multi-decade long terrorism etc spreading worldwide and now culminating in the MH370 hijak.Had timely action been taken against the Dcomp-ISI-MSS(the illknown Chinese intelligence-Ministry of State Security) module&their offshoots and the extensive&well entrenched rogue sections then things would not have come to such a pass.Instead the national&international coverup is only inviting Nature’s wrath in the ever increasing intensity&frequency of Cyclones to Earthquakes which cannot be explained by Global Warming alone.Clearly&Certainly it is prudent to realise that the citadels of power will get destroyed if GOVTS DONOT WALK THE PATH OF RIGHTEOUSNESS and REMEDY the gross travesty of Justice

    Since such a MH370 stashed away in our neighbourhood countries poses immense danger here,to strategic and VVIP areas so Indian PM,Army,Navy and AIRFORCE have been informed.Though there is less of a chance of a second attempt here due to Divine Grace and Protection but World capitals are all the more at risk from its reuse or such use of other passenger planes.

    Therefore to put search operations on track in and around the five suspected airfields found on the rogue pilot’s simulator,recently AFSB&JACC-Australia entrusted with search operations too have been informed.Since hope lies in the old adage ‘Better be late than never’.And with speedy action tactfully handled it is never too late and passengers and crew can still be saved for which the help and right action of media,organisations&individuals as well as authorities is very much essential. Had the MH370 crashed here as planned then the whole world media and security would have dawned here for coverage&probe.Undoubtedly nothing but solely due to Divine Grace now ATLEAST that crashing has been thwarted ensuring plane&its passengers to remain intact and what is mandatory now is a meticulously and forcibly directed emergency search that will unfailing find MH370 and save the passengers&crew.And far from being just a law enforcement one due to the coverup the issue is already turning into a high stakes military matter. ESP IN LIGHT OF THE COVERT NUCLEAR THREAT FROM CHINA IN THE FOLLOWING WEEK AFTER MH370 HIJACK TO SUPPRESS FACTS&NEWS FROM EMERGING AS ALSO A MILDER RECENTLY AFTER THE 100DAYS,IT WOULD BE WISE ON THE PART OF PREDOMINANTLY ROGUE NATIONS TO REALISE&BE FOREWARNED THAT WITH MOST IF NOT ALL OF THEIR COVERT&HEINOUS TERRORISM&TREACHERY STRATEGIES BOOMERANGING UPON THEMSELVES,THE CONSEQUENCES ON THE ACCURSED COUNTRIES WILL BE CALAMITOUS WITH SOCIAL,CONVENTIONAL&ESP N-THREAT BACKFIRNG


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