A calculated move to UK that went wrong for maths genius. Did he work alone?

Being smart is no guarantee of goodness. Nur Nordin is one such person. A 23-year-old Malaysian who won a scholarship to study at Imperial College in the UK, Nordin chose to spend his time indulging his perverse desires instead of studying. Mike Tan of TheAntDaily writes:

He now faces five years’ jail in the UK after being caught with over 30,000 images and videos of child pornography. The images found were so extreme that investigators described them as some of the worst they had ever seen.

In addition to the images, police also found a life-size mannequin of a young boy in Nordin’s residence. Nordin’s activities came to light after police discovered an internet account that had been downloading thousands of sexual abuse videos and images.

It seems that Nordin, a maths genius, was not merely a voyeur but was active in making and distributing these pornographic images.

Now that justice has been served, it is time to ask questions.

What motivates a person like Nordin? Could he himself be a victim of abuse as some studies do suggest that victims of such abuse grow up to become predators themselves. Or was he a sexual predator even before he stepped into the UK?

And here’s another question: Did Nordin work alone?

In less than a year of his arrival in the UK, Nordin had amassed quite a collection, and probably established himself in a ring of like-minded individuals – paedophiles. How did he get involved in the first place, or was he somehow initiated into the ring?

News reports also indicated that Nordin was involved in ‘making’ these exteme images. What does the work ‘making’ here mean? Does it mean that he was involved in the actual sexual abuse or merely the technical production of the images, perhaps screenshots from videos and other forms of editing?

It is truly disturbing that a Malaysian – a young 23-year-old at that – is involved in such a vile activity. But then again, Malaysia has had its fair share of perverse young scholars, including Sufiah Yusof, another maths genius who turned into an online ‘social escort’, a polite term used for prostitutes in the UK.

Perhaps it’s time that we should examine our brightest minds for any dark hidden desires before shipping them off overseas. It might be better for the country’s image, as well as the scholars’ own well-being if such issues were detected and proper counselling given.

What’s done is done. We can only hope that the damage that Nordin has done is not too severe.

But what does the future hold for Nordin? In five years’ time, he will be deported back to Malaysia after serving out his sentence.

Will we remember him then? It would be best that the Malaysian authorities keep an eye out for him, both for his sake and the sake of innocent children all around the world.


– See more at: http://www.theantdaily.com/Main/A-calculated-move-to-UK-that-went-wrong-for-maths-genius#sthash.B8i0Dkiq.dpuf

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