Racist reporting again by Malay Mail, writes Lukman Sheriff

Here’s something interesting raised by lawyer Lukman Sheriff Alias. And when you have read it, then you wonder why Joan Lau would be so inclined to allow such stories to be carried in The Malay Mail. It’s an absolute case of distortion and misrepresentation.

This is a story about a guy hitting a tudung girl. Then, around him and in front of Beatrice Leong were two “big burley men”. Bea did not mention at all about about Muslims or race. Similarly with the crew. The condemnation by her was on the guy who hit the tudung lady. Man that was a coward act. Totally detestable. So many thought as well and expressed it on her FB.  Lukman says, first please read the original story at Bea’s FB posting. Check https://www.facebook.com/search/str/Bea%20Meow/keywords_top

Lukman Sheriff's photo.

But MalayMail as usual turn this into a racial and Islam bashing report. Suddenly “Muslims” become prominent. Rather than focusing on the despicable act, MalayMail in particular Boo Su-Lyn turns it into a racial/religious siege mindset. “Muslims” out of a sudden becomes material even though many Muslims condemned against the guy but not reported. (See MalayMail http://m.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/criticised-by-muslims-filmmaker-to-remove-facebook-post-on-airport-assault)

Then I won’t be surprised in the coming days, Alternative Media then get all the “Ustaz” and liberals to comment to show Muslims here again become unreasonable and extremists. Out of sudden most likely Muslims relationship between husband and wife becomes a big issue.

We Muslims didn’t do anything and suddenly we needs to defend Islam due to a godsaken unknown coward? No way Jose.

This is the sick mindset of MalayMail. They want us to always think about the differences in us. About race and religion: putting Muslims in a bad light. Instead of focussing the beating on women irrespective of race or religion, we suddenly focus on Muslims.

Irrelevant and despicable.

PS: if you follow the thread, the condemnation has nothing to do with religion until on Tuesday when Babyuko began to raise it. MalayMail purposely didn’t want to highlight this bigoted mindset and instead lend legitimacy to the criticism on Muslims and blame the Muslims. Highly selective bigoted reporting by MalayMail.

Over to you Joan.

3 thoughts on “Racist reporting again by Malay Mail, writes Lukman Sheriff

  1. And tell me, all the BN newpapers (New strait times in particular) writing lies from the first page to the last page, just to cover your corrupted politicians or for people to think that everything is alright in your country, what do you think about that too? Shouldn’t you also be shocked by those pretend writers? Like we say in my country: Broom in front of your doorstep before to broom on someone else doorstep….
    The issue here like you mention is not related to muslim but the only thing is Islam is the only religion which DO NOT condemn domestic violence. That’s why there are so many story coming here and there since no one(especially muslim) is your country would help a beaten women. it’s not there business….


  2. This article is NOT NOT NOT to do with your religion. It was to do with a guy beating up a woman in public and no one intervening. If a a white man was doing the same thing would they intervene. I would hope so. Stop acting like toddlers and start acting like real men. Men to me need to sacrifice themselves for their wives beating a women up is NOT godly at all. Grow up.


  3. It became religious when the religious made it so. They were sending in messages to her schooling her on Islam and telling her to mind her own business, i.e. this is the islamic way, you have no right to condemn it.


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