Tabung Haji Azmi, quips Azmi Arshad

Here are lessons to learn from all the unwarranted silly fuss from the Tabung Haji – 1MDB sale and acquisition. Azmi Arshad puts it wittily to us on how we have been made fools from the distortions and misrepresentations hurled by zealous critics. Lessons shared are lessons learned. Intelligence shared is intelligence doubled.

11150863_766288176824581_952432674043762065_nAlhamdulillah I have sold my investment property to a Facebook friend.

1. I had bought it from the developer 3 years ago. I didn’t ask the developer how much they originally paid for the land nor did it matter to me or the other purchasers. The developer had bought the land from the Selangor state government. (Zombies, take note).

2. The developer provided the infrastructure — inner roads, electricity, water, refuse centre, car park, swimming pool, gym, function rooms, trees, drainage etc. All that was already included in the purchase price when I bought the property from the developer.

3. The buyer (my Facebook friend) did not ask me how much I originally paid for the property, or the land it was sitting on, nor did he ask how much the developer paid for the land. That is despite both of us being anti Opposition.

4. Both the buyer and I relied on the property agent to advise on the market value of the property. We didn’t appoint an independent professional valuer like Tabung Haji did.

5. The agent was in a conflict of interest position because he is related to the buyer by marriage. That didn’t matter to me because both of them had already declared that upfront to me. Also, I had an idea of the market value from the sub-sale of adjacent properties.

7. So far no moron has demanded for my FB friend to sell the property back to me. Also so far no idiot has demanded that the transaction be cancelled.

8. I did not bail out the developer and my FB friend did not bail me out. If I didn’t buy the property from the developer, someone else would. If my FB friend didn’t buy the property from me someone else would. It is prime property.

9. The property sale was a win-win deal. He’s happy, I’m happy 😊

10. I also bought a SOHO before the unit existed (because it was on the 18th floor lah). It’s not for sale though because I like it too much after it was completed. Tabung Haji is smarter than me because already they have land plus security against other assets. So my advice to TH: If I can buy thin air and make money, it’s a no brainer you’ll make much more with the land you already own. That’s why I’m going to put more money into my account with Tabung Haji.

Are zombies and pentaksub you-know-who supporters learning yet?

Semoga sama-sama kita ambil iktibar.


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