Najib should try Dr Mahathir’s way of clearing his name – simply straightforward strategy

A commenter has just given “Life of Annie” a good suggestion on how Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak could shut up those accusing him of stealing the billions of Ringgit. Let me show you a great example of the right answers or responses in this type of situation … 

Look no other than the response given by Tun Dr Mahathir when he and his family were accused of having hundreds of millions stashed in Singapore – Israel Bank…(the case is almost the same as the one now faced by Ah Jib Gor complete with account number details given).. see the accusation here: 

Dr M responded:


Bank Account

1. Several blogs have given space to a scurrilous statement that I, my wife and my children, have USD 199.45 million and S $ 42,000,000 in fixed deposit in the Israeli National Bank in Singapore.

2. The scum who alleges this does not have the guts to give his name.

3. UMNO can make a statement about the money I gave to Dato Abdullah when I stepped down. Better still Dato Abdullah can explain how much of the 1.4 billion Ringgit in cash, shares and property that my staff and one of his Ministers handed over to him is still with him.

4. I give full permission for the Israeli National Bank to make public these accounts so that I can claim the money said to belong to me and my family.

5. As for the anonymous scum, give your true name, I/C and address so that I can sue you.

I had checked the link given and it’s genuine. Dr Mahathir did post such a reply to his accuser at 11.20 pm on Friday, June 13, 2008.
You can check it yourself here,
I think it was a good way to answer such an allegation.
It was straight to the point and using plain language.
Dr Mahathir knew he was not guilty and didn’t hesitate to say that he dare to sue his accusers.
No need to even consult his lawyers on whether to sue or not.
It was convincing.
And in Najib’s case he doesn’t even have to ask for the scums who accused him of being a thief for their true name, I/C and address so that he can sue them.
They are all out there in the open.
But of course, we need to remember, we are talking here about

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