Uphold colours of Jalur Gemilang, not red or yellow, says Rafidah

In a heartfelt Facebook message, former Wanita Umno chief Rafidah Aziz appealed to the people, on the eve of Malaysia Day, to discard their differences and come together as one to uphold all that the Jalur Gemilang, the national flag, stood for.


“Let the true colours of Malaysia be the ones we uphold… Our Jalur Gemilang” she said, adding that it was important to rally the people to uphold the interests of Malaysia and Malaysians, “…and not the narrow interests of people clad in whatever colour of the shirts they wear”.

She made this direct reference to colour in view of the mostly-Malay Red Shirts rally that will be taking place tomorrow as a counter to what the organisers claim was a DAP Chinese-led Yellow Shirts rally in August on the eve of Merdeka Day.

“We cannot allow parochial short sighted politics to create divisiveness and rancour,” she said, adding that forging unity despite the people’s diversity was important for the sake of the future generation.

“Our future lies in the Young people of Malaysia…in the way we educate and nurture them…in the extent that they see themselves as Malaysians with national pride and national commitment. And in how they can positively input into ongoing economic and social development.”

Rafidah, who was once the minister of International Trade and Industry, said that unity also meant the people must stop seeing themselves as being divided geographically from one another.

“We must stop thinking of the country as being North, South, East or West. We are ONE Nation…Malaysia.

“Let us not allow parochial interests to continue to be sources of contention and debate and to be raised every now and again and to provide political capital for some who feel they can benefit from them.”

She said it was important for the country to strategise for the nation for the next 50 years and propose ways to eradicate existing disparities while instilling and forging the Malaysian spirit.

“What makes us one nation is that acceptance of our shared destiny, and our common aspirations…for ourselves and for our children and those in the coming generations.”


Source:  http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2015/09/15/uphold-colours-of-jalur-gemilang-not-red-or-yellow/

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