An allegation however compelling in the media does not compel

The US may have the right to implement their laws within their jurisdiction to any extent their constitution allows them to. That does not mean the enforcement of their laws however unconstitutional, improper and illogical should be the subject of a foreign defendant kow towing to them as they expect of the Malaysian government. Blogger Gopal Raj Kumar explains with sense and sensibility ..


If that were the case, we would all still be under the British who are today a nation under stress economically, politically and socially. They have an undeclared war within their borders. The same too with France.

If we are to accept the logic of the supporters of the US’s claims against Malaysia , that because people (some people) have been saying certain things for some time it is true, that logic would place every Chinaman in a dire situation.

The British declared the Chinese fair game during the insurgency (Malayan emergency). Innocent Chinese like the Slim River victims were not communists. Yet the British massacred them on the same evidentiary basis as the US DOJ’s civil forfeiture law and everyone then kept quiet till now.

Even the British admit that today they were wrong then. But adopting the Kuomintang logic, the Chinese of Malaysia who support Mahathir and the opposition, accept that the Chinese were fair game during the emergency because everyone at the time referred to the Chinese as communists, pimps, opium smugglers, prostitutes, gangsters and thieves.

By adopting that logic, shooting the Chinese to death on sight by the British was justified.Justified because there was a law; And just as the DOJ justify their acts, on “the preponderance of the evidence” and the additional fact “everyone was saying the government of Malaysia is guilty” they are guilty. Therefore the British were right to kill the Chinese during the emergency.

By the same logic of TJ Tan and others like him there are those who suggest that the conduct of people like the British / today the US DOJ, is fair because the Chinese are all of those things the British called them then. And today the Prime Minister and government of Malaysia are guilty today because of all of the things the Americans and some people say about them. It is the “preponderance of the evidence” No proof needed.

A sensible competent lawyer will not allow his client (if he were prime minister or other public office holder) to answer to a media campaign and trial of allegations of anything that has no substance proof or evidence that can stand up in a court of law.

In fact the constitution provides for exactly the opposite in the kind of silence the prime minister is exercising. The right to silence is a very powerful right except where the law compels otherwise. ( DPP vs Woolmington)

An allegation however compelling in the media does not compel any minister of the crown or prime minister to answer to allegations without proof. Even if there is proof there are procedures locally at law to deal with it. ( see Rolf Harris recently on trial on allegations of Child molestation that supposedly occured several years ago). These are examples of media concocted and driven lynch mob trials against innocent people.

The US has a double standard which is why their country is in such a mess. It is a nation of rogues from before Nixon (Watergate and the Vietnam War) John F Kennedy (whose family engaged in heroin distribution and alcohol during prohibition-Joe Kennedy) and assassination of their gangland enemies. There was Lyndon Baines Johnson and his shenanigans, Gerald Ford, and of course Ronald Reagan whose sins the Americans continue to pay for today.

It was George Bush Snr and Jnr and their weapons of mass destruction lie that caused all the mayhem we are witness to today. It cost the deaths and displacement of millions.

No Kelptocracy Initiative against any of these rogue leaders although they raped and pillaged Iraq to the tune of several trillion dollars with impunity.

That law of civil forfeiture although law in the US is unconstitutional because it is inconsistent in its application and it violates the 4th amendment of its constitution. It lacks judicial oversight and is highly questionable. More importantly it does not have the force of law when applied to foreign sovereign states in these circumstances.

In the US as it is the case elsewhere, the rule of law stands. What law applies to you or your wife has to apply to the highest officer in the land except where the law exempts them.

When the British wanted to continue to rule this country, they relied on dirty little Chinamen like TJ Tan giving people like Aung Eng Tong opium franchises to poison their own people with opium and become rich.

TJ Tan like a few others Cynthia Gabriel included is continuing with that tradition by taking the sides with the US DOJ whose former AG is now under investigation for her excesses in office. Get an education and broaden your mind.

The US DOJ’s actions is what colonialism was founded on. They sent missionaries then militaries to impose their morality on us with the aid of local mercenaries. The missionaries to convert us to their Jesus Christ (like the do with the Evangelical churches of Hannah Yeoh), the armies to subdue us with arms and their laws to appropriate to themselves our wealth and enslave us. And likewise they argued it was right because they had laws in their countries which said it was right.


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