Lady plonks herself on AirAsia premium seats, argument erupts

An argument erupted on an AirAsia flight when a passenger forcibly upgraded herself to the premium seats.
The 22-second video of the argument between the lady and another male passenger uploaded by Bruce Lam has gone viral on social media.
The video showed a man in a white shirt shouting at a woman who was sitting on one of the premium seats of the plane.
Lam, in his post, said the incident took place on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong shortly before take off.
He said the lady had walked from her standard seat to the premium seats before the plane took off.
Lam said flight attendants spent four to five minutes arguing with the lady and asking her to return to her seat, which she finally did.
However, it was short-lived. After the plane took off, the lady once again returned to the premium seats on over two occasions.
He said flight attendants explained to the lady that her actions were not fair to the other passengers as they too were not allowed to use the premium seats even though they were empty.
Despite being told off by the flight attendants, the lady refused to budge. This incurred the wrath of the male passenger.
Lam said he was not sure if the flight attendants were “too gentle and polite”, but the lady had an even more abusive attitude than before.
“The flight attendants have asked you for the third time to not sit here, but you still do it,” the male passenger said in the video.
The woman fought back and said that it was “none of his business”.
He said it was definitely none of his business but he wanted to tell her off because she was “shameless”.
The lady in the video then got up from the seat and returned to her original seat.
Lam claimed that after the incident, the flight attendants thanked the male passenger for his help.
When contacted, AirAsia declined to comment on the issue.


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